Become The next Barbados BJJ Champion on April 21st, 2024!

Our inaugural event last year was a huge success with more than 100 competitors fighting to determine the annual Barbados BJJ Champions. This Round Robin, Submission-Only Championship is hosted on the Island of Barbados and it is the most exciting tournament style for competitors and spectators alike because it allows everyone to compete in Gi and No-Gi trying to submit their opponents without having to worry about points while at the same time being guaranteed the maximum amount of fights in each division.

This gives you the most fight experience possible in one day and allows you to better yourself as a Martial Artist much faster without spending a lot of money traveling. Don’t miss out on the chance, to register and compete in beautiful Barbados this year!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Submission Grappling

We have more than 15 years experience in organizing grappling events and we are using the same software as many large international tournaments allowing you to check on your next match and results on a live screen and your own smartphone. This means we are delivering even more exciting fights in faster order than ever before!

Do you want to find out if you are the best BJJ fighter in the Caribbean?

You may have been training in your country for a while and now there is a chance to show all of the Caribbean how good you are. This is why we are holding this year the very first Caribbean International BJJ  Championship in a Submission-Only, Round-Robin format.

How much money and time have you spent traveling just to have one match, lose by advantage, and then have to travel all the way back home?

Sure, it is great to compete in the large IBJJF events but wouldn’t it be great if there would be a better way to prepare rather than spending all the money and time traveling and registering over and over until you finally win some fights?

Our tournament is a Round Robin so everyone fights everyone regardless if they win or lose giving you the experience you need if you want to compete seriously but also making it a much more fun event in case you just want to measure yourself against others.

Our events are also always Submission Only. No stalling for points and advantages, just pure Jiu-Jitsu the way it’s supposed to be. You get a chance to submit everyone and you can expect up to 10 fights in each division.

We are offering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the kimono and No-Gi BJJ, also known as Submission Grappling, allowing you to compete in several disciplines all in one day.

We are known for running fair, super-efficient events for a fair price every time especially considering all the fights we are offering to you.
We have partnered with the largest Tournament Software company in the world making us even more transparent and efficient.

So, take advantage of this unique opportunity and register now!

Are You Ready To Compete?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

(Points age 3-6 & Submissions Only age 6 and up)

Submission Grappling

(No-Gi Submissions Only)

Jiu-Jitsu Etiquette

Always shake hands with your opponent before and after each fight.
If you lock in a submission do not apply it instantly trying to force a tap but look at the referee to make sure (s)he recognizes the submission given them a chance to step in to break off the fight even if your opponent does not tap.
All division weight-in without a uniform for simplicity. We reserve the right to merge divisions in order to give everyone the best experience. Because of this, you should not try to cut weight only to find yourself exhausted in the next higher division.

Championship Rules

Please read the rules below carefully. All competitors are expected to understand and respect the tournament regulations in case they miss the morning rules meeting. If you do not understand a rule, call or email us or ask for clarification during the morning rules meeting on the day of the competition.


• Competitors must wear a BJJ uniform (in BJJ) or shorts and t-shirt/rashguard (in No-Gi BJJ/Submission Grappling) that is tight-fitting, clean, odor-free, and in good condition. (bare tops, muscle shirts, or inappropriate language or imagery is unacceptable). Mouthguards are recommended but hard groin protection is prohibited in all divisions.


Control your submissions! Anytime a competitor is in danger of injury the referee will step in to prevent any harm to the fighter but we rely on your sense of fair play in order to prevent injuries and allow the opponent to continue to compete. Please remember, that these rules also protect you when you are caught in a submission.

Kids (15 and under) matches are stopped when one of the competitors is in a position to submit, i.e. an Armbar is fully locked in. Teen and adult competitors will be given a little more time to defend but this is 100% up to the discretion of the referee as his primary task is to prevent injury and keep all competitors safe.

If you lose your fight because the referee steps in please remember that he is there to protect you from injury and that you should not have ended up in a position where your opponent can lock in a submission in the first place.

We reserve the right to create all divisions based on sex, age, skill, and weight. Please remain in the competitor area once your divisions start because the fights happen quickly. If your name is called and you are not responding, we will move on to the next fight. After the fight ends we will call your name again. If you are still not responding your opponent will be awarded an automatic win. Tell the scorekeeper if you are not available to fight temporarily or altogether.

We are offering Points-Only divisions for four, five, and six-year-old children and Submission-Only divisions age six and up in order to get novices used to the Round-Robin format. That means that six-year-old children (or kids close to this age) can choose to compete in either, Points-Only divisions or Submissions-Only divisions.

We are especially committed to supporting all female competitors and our goal is to get you as many fights in as fair as possible divisions.  We will create a division for females teens and adults whenever possible. If that is not possible, you will have the option to either get a full refund or to enter a mixed division with males of equal strength and skill and with all females in this division fighting for their own medal rank unless they win the mixed division.


Kids (ages 4-5) 2 minutes-  Points Only/ No Submissions
Kids (age 6) 3 minutes-  Either Points Only or Submissions Only
Kids (ages 7-15) 3 minutes-  Submissions Only
Teens (ages 16 and older) and Adults 5 minutes Submissions Only


3 points are awarded for a win, 1 each for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. A Submission or disqualification automatically determines the winner of a match.
At the end of the Round-Robin the three fighters with the highest points are awarded the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals accordingly.
For a 2 fighter draw in the medal ranks, the competitor who won the match between each other is the winner. If there is no decision by the end of regulation time, the match will go into overtime with a coin toss deciding who will get the back mount/seatbelt position first. The first opponent tries to submit while the second opponent tries to escape the rear mount while being timed. Next, the opponents reverse the roles, and the one opponent who escapes or submits the other one first wins.
For a 3+ fighter draw, the matches won/lost between the tied competitors are compared and if there is still a tie, a comparison is made score between the remaining tied competitors. If the score is still tied, the 2 fighter draw solution listed above will be applied.


Novice – Any competitor with less than one year of experience and is still a white belt is considered to be in the Novice divisions

Intermediate – Any competitor with less than two years and is still a white belt is the intermediate divisions

Advanced – Any competitor with less than four years of experience or any colored belt (or any rank of brown belt or higher in any other Martial Art) is in the Advanced divisions

Expert – Any competitor with more than four years of experience or any colored belt (or any rank of brown belt or higher in any other Martial Art) is in the Expert divisions.

Please make sure to read the GENERAL RULES above!


Kids (ages 6-15): Armbars, Kimuras, Americanas, Triangles (no pulling on the head), lapel and Rear Naked Chokes (no Arm-in Chokes)
Teens (ages 16 and up): All techniques listed above and the current IBJJF Rule book including Ezekiel, Guillotines, Omoplatas and Arm-In Chokes as well as straight foot locks

ILLEGAL TECHNIQUES (All Ages except where noted elsewhere)

Takedown counter resulting in the head hitting the mat.
Slamming from closed guard
Surplex throws on the neck or scissor takedowns
Squeezing windpipe
Smothering (placing hand over mouth and nose).
Biting, fish hooking, gouging (including chin in the eye socket, thumb in the armpit) or hair pulling.
Cervical twist and neck crank.
Closed Guard jump from standing position
Wrist locks.
Bending fingers back.
Small joint manipulations (fingers and toes).
Bicep and calf slicer
Knee reap with outside foot crossing past the belly button resulting in pressure on the outside of the knee
Any twisting foot or leg attacks
Any spinal attacks

Blue Belt and above in the Advanced Divisions
All techniques listed above and by the current IBJJF Rule book including wrist locks and jumping guard are legal

Purple, Brown, Black Belts in the Expert Divisions
All techniques listed above as well as any leg, knee or foot attack, elbow and knee slicers are and scissor takedowns as long as no Blue belt is in the division or everyone agrees otherwise before the division start.


  Intentionally injuring an opponent.
 Actions that are considered violent.
 Displaying poor sportsmanship towards competition such as foul language and disrespectful gestures.
 More than 30 seconds without engaging in a fight.
 After two warnings.


Registering for this tournament does not mean that you can injure the other competitors on purpose. All submissions need to be applied with control allowing your opponent to tap or the ref to stop the fight.

If you are not sure if a technique is legal or if you cannot apply a submission with control, do not use it or you may find yourself personally liable for any resulting injuries!

Also note, that the Caribbean Championship organizers or any of its owners are not responsible for any cost incurred by you in order to participate. Please always make sure that any travel costs are insured, refundable or transferable.

Ready to compete?