The First Official BJJ School In Saint Lucia is now open!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the fastest growing Martial Arts worldwide and it is used by police and military everywhere because it is a realistic self-defense method that allows a smaller person to control a larger attacker without any kicks or punches. Join our small but dedicated group of students and learn how to be safe at all times while getting in shape in a fun atmosphere. Join the Saint Lucia grappling community!

Students age 11+


More than 10 years of experience



BJJ with a friendly Island Vibe

Our Head coach Mervyn Steele has been training for more than ten years and he is always keeps his school open to visitors from all teams. We are offering professional BJJ instructions in a beginner friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Our goals are to grow the BJJ community in Saint Lucia and other Caribbean countries as well as supporting all local Martial Artists that want to develop their grappling skills.

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Tots BJJ Classes- age 3+

Improve your children’s listening skills, coordination, and discipline with our BJJ program specifically designed to teach young children how to control their own feelings as well as any bully without any kicks or punches in a peaceful way.

Junior BJJ Classes- age 6+

Our Kid’s classes help your child(ren) to develop their confidence, conditioning as well as self-control to help them make better decisions at home and school. The high level of physical contact helps them to reduce their stress level and sleep better.

Teen/Adult BJJ Classes

Improve your endurance, lose weight and get in great shape with our friendly Fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes regardless of your age or conditioning. We are teaching students age 11+ to seniors how to stand up for themselves and control an attacker effectively.

St. Lucia BJJ Family       |     

St. Lucia BJJ Family       |     

St. Lucia BJJ Family       |     

St. Lucia BJJ Family       |     

Here is what our students from our others schools are saying:

“Our ten year old son has been enthusiastically attending classes twice a week for nearly two years and I’ve noticed drastic changes for the better in our Colin’s self esteem, confidence and athleticism since he joined. I highly recommend these courses to any parent!”

Don HupeeProud Father

“I am very happy that I decided to train with Don. I checked out the classes at the other schools and realized what a difference there is in quality training. It was like night and day…”

Alex CohenBJJ Student

“I have lost over 40lbs, whipped my body into the best shape of my life and gained a new sense of confidence. I used to dread going to my large chain gym but being involved in group Martial Arts programs I now look forward to every class. I love training with this school”

Brittaney CarmenBJJ Student

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We’re currently in look of a few new designers – If you’re a passionate worker and think you have what it takes, send your resume and details to for all opportunities.

Mervyn Steele



Real Martial Arts for Real Results- Join us today